Best Male Infertility and Nil Sperm Treatment in Ayurveda.

Kulvardhak is Beneficial for


Increase Sperm Count & Quality


Enhances Testosterone


Balance Hormones


Beneficial in Azoospermia


Infection In Testis

Kulvardhak Male


  • Scientifically proven.
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  • Increase energy and enthusiasm.
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    Today the problem of infertility is continuously increasing in our country. A few years ago, most of the problems of infertility were found in women, but today 40% of the infertility cases are found in men. Most of the problems in men are related to low sperm count, hormone issues, Infection In Testis and sperm motility.

    Kulvardhak For Male is beneficial in these main problems of infertility in men:-

    • Increase Sperm Count & Quality
    • Enhances Testosterone
    • Balance Hormones
    • Beneficial in Azoospermia
    • Infection In Testis

    All of these are the primary causes of male infertility, and Kulvardhak For Male medicine is a panacea for all these problems.

       Kulvardhak For Male

      • Up to 90% Positive Result
      • No side effect of any kind
      • The full course (4 months) costs only Rs 4200/-
      • Very convenient to take medicine

      Ayurveda and Pregnancy

      According to Ayurveda, the process of conception is related to Shukardhatu in both men and women. Ovum in females and semen in males is formed from Shukra dhatu. Shukra dhatu is formed in our body from other 6 types of minerals and those are:

      These 6 metals form and nourish the Shukra dhatu. And whenever any of these 6 dhatu doesn’t function properly due to any reason then problems also arise in Shukra dhatu, due to which the problem of infertility arises.  With regular intake of Kulvardhak medicine, the Shukra dhatu of our body also gets balanced, due to which we get tremendous benefits in problems like infertility.

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      The manufacturing process of Kulvardhak makes it the most effective medicine for infertility.

      Kulvardhak for Male and Kulvardhak for Female, both medicines are made using an ancient Ayurvedic method, and the manufacturing process is the most important part of it.

      Every aspect of Ayurveda is carefully considered during the manufacturing process. For example, which herb has to be removed when and in which season, which part of the herb is to be taken and how much, which herb is to be grounded and mixed in medicine, and which herb has only been provided with its essence.

      This is why today these two medicines- Kulvardhak For Male and Kulvardhak For Female are proving to be very potent and highly effective medicines for the problem of Infertility. All those infertile couples who had given up hope of becoming parents despite having been treated for many years would now be able to realize their dream of becoming happy parents by using medicines of Kulvardhak For Male and For Female Infertility.

      The Kulvardhak for Male kit is priced at a full 4-month course. Only- 4200


      • *Satisfaction guaranteed
      • *Results may vary from person to person

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